Founded in September of 1989, Xiaowen Music Education is committed to give every student a “well rounded and comprehensive basic music education.” To guarantee education quality and uphold our motto, we built a giant network that connects all of our schools together. Through decades of perseverance and hard work, our franchise has grown to over 450 schools in 300 cities across China.  

Our Mission

We at Xiaowen Music believe that music is a shared experience. We want to share our love and passion for music with the world through education. Our successes are built upon the hard work of every individual in our organization. We treat every student, every parent, and every partner as family. Together, we can achieve greatness. 

Xiaowen Music has helped over half million students with their music dreams. Their basic yet comprehensive education makes learning music easy.
— Shanghai Eastern Channel "Modern Weekly" Program

What We Achieved

  • Hand in Hand Charity Program
  • International Exchange Programs
  • Unparalleled Performance Opportunities of All Sizes
  • Massive Annual Events to celebrate Xiaowen Music


  • Network of 450 Schools in 300 Cities
  • 30 Years of Education History and Culture
  • High Quality Comprehensive Education Material supported by our experts and professionals
  • "FAT" "FTT" "FMT" Certification Programs for Teachers, Managers, and Principals